Bunny Wednesday belongs in the intellectual end of the rockpool, alternative and artsy, female fronted. The trio have just finished their second EP entitled “The Tower EP”, featuring three brand new tunes, soon to be available on Itunes, Spotify etc. The band’s first release was in 2014 with the 5 song EP “Ulnar”, which included the rock-ballad “Sin and Save” which got some attention on Danish radio.
The world of Bunny Wednesday is part masculine/feminine, dreamy/noisy, sad/optimistic, innocent/bitter, scary/beautiful and simple but very original in it’s simplicity. It’s still not easy listening, and there are still no major chords on the tablature. Comparison across the board ranges from The Cranberries and Slowdive, to Tool and Motorhead. Susan Wednesday’s vocals characterizes the unique sound of Bunny Wednesday; it’s straight up and crooked non-dualistic art-rock with a twist.

The Tower EP, 2018:

The Tower

Fight Song

My Odd Sounding Heart

ULNAR, 2014:

Shotgun Death Ride

My Garden

Sin and Save

Death of a Bunny


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